Here's a real life case study on how to make a mundane and a bit boring software release speak to your target audience.

First the marketing manager needs to come up with a simple and understandable concept, in this case I came up with Clarity. After that you need to create a memorable illustration of that concept (the lighthouse) and a catchphrase (HR data as a guiding light to your business).

Then you move on to the text. There are a few requirements – the paragraphs should be short, as most business email these days are read on mobile devices or even read aloud by personal assistants like Echo or Siri. Shorter sentences and paragraphs also give room for thought and pause while keeping the pace – both of which are needed in B2B marketing.

Importantly, shorter paragraphs allow for bit longer emails to remain legible. Update notifications and service updates are not cold emails and they tend to be longer no matter what you do.

Finally, to keep the feel light but still fit a good amount of content, you should not be afraid to divide the email into up to 3 different sections to give breathing room.

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