The Goal: To simplify the packaging for locksets and other related products to be sold in retail stores in the Baltic markets.
The Methods: Clean typography and color. The rule of thirds.
The Insight: Sometimes boring works best. In retail settings there are way too many confusing messages.
Customers are looking for something to guide their eyes and help to recognise trustworthy brands but they want that something to do this the easiest way possible.
Thus the neccessity of using a white background and the simplest geometric form of all — the horisontal line.
The Big Picture:  As manufacturing and logistics becomes increasingly complex companies are having less time to focus on packaging their products.
Paradoxically, while eye-tracking and other more sophisticated methods of neuro-marketing are offering more ways to test one design versus another actually less time is spent on the design of packaging.
Usually features like QR-codes, various stickers are mindlessly added — while the true goal of packaging is to subtract, rather than to add to the product. 
The aim of this design is to take away distracting elements and to provide an universal message in three language (plus a short description in English for international customers)..
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